Clear, Concise Web Design

Get more leads with clear, concise web design

Bad news: website visitors have a very short attention span. 

Good news: if you can interest them within 10 seconds, they are likely to stick around for a while and see what you're about.

Content is King

Google has long since decided that useful content is the ruling metric for weighting search results. In fact, they have completely removed reliance on meta keywords, opting to scrape them from the content instead.

What does this mean to you?

When you plan out your website, make sure to include plenty of decent, useful content. Sometimes its not enough to just tell a client that you're awesome - you need to show them. In your content, hit on keywords that your clients will be searching for. You can check these using Google's Keyword Planner tool, contact us for more info.

Focusing on User Experience: Be Clear and Easy to Use

The last thing you want is for your users to get frustrated due to bad design. We're talking menu placement, site structure and logical placement of design elements.

Good user-centric design focuses on getting the user where they want to be fast and showing them what they want to see quickest. 

Don't hide your content behind click-throughs or popup ads

Do you think your website needs its user experience looked at? Contact us and we'll take a look.

Use a Content Management System

Here at Wheatbelt Web Design we prefer SilverStripe, an award winning platform for serious websites. It's a CMS for content creators, that can also be extended quickly and easily to cater for custom business needs - product catalogues, staff lists, even integration with CRM's such as Salesforce.

Web Design - Using a CMS

As your business evolves, you will need to update your website - editing text, images, page structure, menu system - all of these are easily edited in the backend of your website, the CMS.

How do you edit content in a CMS?

This couldn't be easier in SilverStripe - you click on a page in the list, and are given a content editor panel - allowing you to add, edit and remove content much like using a Word program.

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