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Wheatbelt Web Design specialises in custom web development. We have worked with small businesses to large corporations to deliver solutions for both common and abstract needs - from responsive websites to dynamic member based product portals.

Website Analytics
Website Forms and APIs
Website Domains and Hosting
Mobile Friendly Websites
Custom Product Catalogs
Search Engine Optimisation

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Boostrap, JQuery, LESS and more

SilverStripe Development using Bootstrap & JQueryThe majority of our projects are developed using the Bootstrap CSS framework, combined with custom CSS (built using a LESS compiler).

Our javascript is based on the JQuery framework, using JQuery UI where needed. SilverStripe ties in nicely by providing easy to access AJAX endpoints.

These technologies are mature and provide a great starting point for just about any project, accelerating development and ensuring a stable codebase.

  • Stable codebase
  • Quick development lifecycle
  • Easy to edit later
  • Not locked in to a specific developer

Our preferred platform is SilverStripe

A flexible platform for any type of website or web application, the SilverStripe Content Management System (CMS) makes it easier to update your site and still have it look professional.

Easy as pie

SilverStripe CMS provides content managers the control they need, without them needing to know HTML. Check out the demo for more insight.

Control in a snap

It’s so easy. The SiteTree shows the page hierarchy structure clearly and logically, allowing users to move pages, edit the menu and upload files using drag-and-drop.

Awesome Addons

Adds extra functionality such as setting up an content approval workflows, publish or unpublish items on a particular date, or share content across multiple sites.

Workflow and security

Configure levels of access for editing different parts of your site, plan content in advance with draft and live versions of your site, and restore historic versions of a page when needed.


Let your content authors and website visitors use the language of their choice, including German, te reo Māori, and languages reliant on unicode such as Chinese and Arabic.

Search engine friendly

SilverStripe CMS ensures people and search engines can find your site easily. Authors have complete control over the page URL’s and can create custom meta data for pages, images and links.

Web software development kit

SilverStripe Framework lets you extend out-of-the-box capabilities with well-organised code. Create fields, page types, data structures and logic and make the CMS fit business needs.

Design flexibility

With the code tucked away from templates, website designers are free to use the HTML, CSS and Javascript they love to achieve the site's desired user experience.

CMS Features Demo