Financial Web Design

Best financial web design

Financial web design can get extremely complicated - but it tends to revolve around 3 things: trust, usability, and compliance. 

Trust: inspire trust in your company by...

There's a few key points to hit on to make sure your website looks trustworthy. 

  • Colour scheme
  • Coordinated, cohesive design
  • Easy to find legal/essential info 
  • Professional, usable design

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Usability: create a usable website by following these key points...

What makes good website design? Top of the list is usability. We want our users to have the easiest time possible on our websites - a frustrated user is not a potential lead!

  • Everything should be readable
  • Logical, consistent design
  • Easy to find, easy to use menus
  • Logical content ordering
  • Keep it as simple as possible

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Compliance: including disclaimers, policies, essential documents...

Website compliance is actually pretty easy! For a financial services website, your content should be vetted through your compliance officer before being added to the website. With our websites, you can add and edit pages and show the edited copy to compliance staff before making it live. Keeping you 100% compliant at all times!

Our websites include fields for site-wide disclaimers, which can be turned on and off per-page. Need a special disclaimer to say that past results don't equal future returns? Too easy, we can provide a checkbox on the page edit screen to enable this. The options are endless.

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Bank Website Design

The best bank website design inspires trust and confidence in the user. Similar to financial services web design, websites for banks generally also include a complicated product data system in the background. Our preferred web platform SilverStripe supports custom data structures right out of the box - we work together to define the data, then build it.